Which Pool Supplies Do You Need When You Get a Pool?

So now you have finally decided to get a pool to spend quality time with your family & friends and after the pool installation the guy would have told you that you should opt-in for weekly pool service (that we also recommend) but you decided that’s an extra expense or that’s what you can do by yourself.

If you are one of those then this blog is definitely for you, here is the list of pool supplies that you need when you get a pool.

Skimmer Net:

Let us start from the very basic one and that’s the skimmer net. It’s a must-have tool on the poolside to immediately remove leaves, dirt and stems on your pool. If the leaves and berries are left in pool water for a long time then it may need to pool stains which will take some effort to fix.

Pool Shock Kit:

After the pool installation, your local pool guide would have already shocked your pool and you may be aware of this term, but the thing is you need to shock your pool very often at least once every month or as required.

It’s good to visit your local pool store and buy the pool shock kit so that you can shock your pool and get it ready before the weekend fun begins.

Pool Brush:

Very often you will need to remove the stains from your pool walls and surface and for that, you need to have a pool brush. You need to be careful with that and don’t use the brush that you have in your home. You should visit some pool expert and explain your pool type and buy a pool brush accordingly because fibreglass pools need a much softer pool brush as compared to concrete or a vinyl pool.

Pool Vacuum:

In a Pool vacuum there are two options one is manual and other is automatic pool vacuum. There is no debate on whether you need it or not because you do need it. Even if you decide to opt-in for a weekly pool service still you need a pool vacuum to clean up your pool.
The manual pool vacuum will require a lot of attention and time and you can’t ignore vacuuming your pool because it cleans the dirt from your pool and hence safe it from future stains and keep it algae free.

The automatic pool vacuum is the smart choice because it will clean your pool automatically even when you are sleeping.

Water Test Kit:

If you have decided that you will do pool maintenance by yourself then you need to be able to test the pH level of your pool. A little up and down of the pH level of the pool will be very disastrous for your pool.

The high acidic level of the pool would be first felt by the swimmers as they will feel itching on the body, redness of eyes, along with drying of skin and hair. Long exposure to high acid level to the pool will lead to deterioration of the pool along with a pool accessory.

And if the pool water is more alkaline then it will cause skin and eye irritation along with cloudy smelly pool water.

Pool Sanitizers Like Chlorine and Salt:

With relation to the last point if you find out that your pool is highly acidic or alkaline then you need to treat pool water accordingly.

For more detailed information on that, you should read
“How to reduce pH level of swimming pool” & “How to increase pH level of swimming pool”

Pool Cover:

No matter where you live you should invest in a good quality pool cover. The pool cover will protect your pool from debris, fallen tree leaves especially if you live in an area that has an autumn season, and if you are living in South Florida then pool cover will protect your pool from dangerous animals & reptiles.

These were the few types of equipment in which you should invest, if you think that pool maintenance is not your cup of tea then you can contact us for a quotation. We provide weekly pool service, we provide pool service in Boynton Beach and Wellington along with pool remodeling in South Florida.


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