How to Keep Alligators out of your pool

All the pool owners that are residing in South Florida knows that presence of Alligators in pools is the real deal and we need to be prepared for that in advance, If some of you have experienced then you would be aware of how panicking the situation becomes when you wake up in your morning and found alligator wandering in your yard.

So here are a few methods that you can use to keep the alligators out of the pool area.

Don't Attract Alligators:

1st method is the most basic is if you don’t want any alligator then don’t attract one.

The Alligators are simple beings they want food, shelter and water. To eliminate food its advisable to don’t have any food leftovers in your backyard. By food, we also mean leftover deposited in garbage bin also make sure to clean your barbeque grill after having a good time in your backyard.

To avoid shelters for alligators or snakes don’t have the clutter in your backyard, for that you need to keep your background neat and clean.

To avoid water is kind of impossible so you cant remove water from your pool but you can avoid predator from entering your pool by checking our next method.

Pool Covers:

There are many pool covers available in the market right now, but they can’t stop alligators from entering your pool. These pool covers can prevent snakes from entering your pool.

There are heavy solid mesh pool covers available in the market but those are not easy to install and can’t work with daily usage they are most useful if you decided to not use your pool in the winter season.

There are some electric automatic pool covers available in the market but those are pretty expensive and sometimes it’s impossible to install those on old pools.

Have a preventive fence:

This method is most effective but has its flaws, to have a sturdy fence that could keep the alligators out you need to have a fence with at least 5 feet high. YES, YOU HEARD US RIGHT these alligators can climb up a fence with ease. Check out the video below if you don’t believe us.

As you can see in the video above these alligators can climb up the fence with ease as they can use a fence to hold their weight. For this, you need to use barbed wire on top of the fence but it can harm your pet animals.

Secondly, you need to have a fence that should be 2 feet deep in the ground as these alligators are pretty good at digging.

You can also use the electric fence but make sure to take the help of the expert as an expert with making sure that electric current will have high voltage but low amps so that it cant get permanent damage to your pets and wild animals.

Pool Enclosures:

Pool enclosure works well in keeps the alligators away from your pool, but pool enclosures are expensive to install and need constant maintenance. The pool enclosure is not meant for all kinds of pools as if you have a pool with natural these they those pool enclosure will look out of order.

If you want to read more about the pool enclosures then check what are the advantages of pool enclosures. 

Traps for Alligators:

Before reading more about the traps we first want to make it clear that you can’t just install one in your backyard as you need to take permissions from authorities to set up an alligator trap.

Even if you have set it up to its very difficult to trap alligators as it requires a lot of expertise and experience.

Alligator repellants:

You may be wondering why you can’t heard something about alligators repellant beforehand in your local supermarket store, it’s because there aren’t any alligator repellents available.

There are some local stories and training in WhatsApp university or youtube videos that teach you a great deal of creating an alligator repellants using the mixture of urine and ammonia and spray it on your backyard but we want to warn the user to not even try those things as ammonia is quite dangerous and can create a health hazard for your family, especially kids.


In conclusion, we just want to make sure that choose any above method you want (except the repellant) if you still find any alligators in your backyard kindly contact SNAP

its the helpline that has been set up by the state of Florida these guys will reach your home and get the alligator out of your backyard safely.

If you want to install pool enclosures or looking for pool remodeling south Florida you can contact us and discuss your requirements, we also provide weekly pool service.


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