What are the advantages of pool enclosures?

Pool enclosures are useful, especially in the area of high winds such as the South Florida region. Pools enclosures protect your pool from debris from storms, and also helps in protecting the pool from rain and snow.

Moreover, pool enclosures help to maintain pool temperature in cold conditions.

Here are the few benefits of pool enclosures:

Less Chemical Use:

If you are owning a pool from a long time then you would be aware of the difficulty in maintaining a specific pH level  of the pool. Especially if you have not opted for weekly pool service then it would be hard.

Most of the time the pH imbalance is because of the presence of external factors adding pool enclosures will limit the addition of phosphates, pathogens and pollutants from entering the pool water hence won’t affect the pH level of the pool.

12-month pool usage:

The addition of pool enclosure will keep your pool water heated throughout the winter season, You can opt for thermal insulation pool enclosures that will keep the pool water warm along with keeping harmful Ultraviolet radiations away from pool water. You can also opt-in for a different colour of pool enclosures hence it can match your home aesthetics.

Increase property value:

Everybody is aware of the impact of pool in real estate value of your property especially if you are living in South Florida. The pool enclosure blended with your home decor will help in increasing property value and will reduce the significant cost of maintaining pool as it will prevent harmful effects from debris and rain.

Less Risk:

Pool owners do pay a higher premium for homeowner’s insurance due to the elevated risks of simply owning a pool, having a secure pool enclosure will prevent trespassers from having access to your water and help prevent accidents. Since your pool decks will be covered and heated, there won’t be any icy, slippery areas around your pool that come with owning a pool in the winter months.

Prevention of wild animals:

Most of us have seen on youtube or in news  that the wild animals such as alligators also link to swim in your pool, This could be harmful to your family and friends especially if you have kids in the home.

It’s better to use pool enclosures that will prevent animal presence and will ensure 24*7 security to your pool.

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