How to Increase the pH level of the pool

After discussion in details regarding how to lower the pH level of pool we received a lot of feedback from people who maintain pool by themselves (although we encourage to opt for weekly pool service ) to give instructions of how to increase the pH level of pool.

The lower pH level of the pool means that our pool is acidic and in this case reverse of what we did to lower the pH level we will add base (alkaline) to the pool to raise the pH level of the pool and make sure that pH level of the pool is between 7-7.5

First lets us discuss the ill effects of highly acidic level of pool:

The high acidic level of the pool would be first felt by the swimmers as they will feel itching on the body, redness of eyes, along with drying of skin and hair. Long exposure to high acid level to the pool will lead to deterioration of the pool along with a pool accessory. The high acidic will have corrosion properties and will deteriorate any metal present on the pool surface, such as ladders, railing along with metal in pool filters. 

The acid will react with chlorine so less amount of chlorine will be present in water that will eventually lead to the growth of bacteria and algae along with making pool water cloudy and smelly.

Reasons for the low pH level of pool:

Natural causes:

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Poor chemical balance:

It’s necessary to add a suitable amount of sodium bicarbonate to the pool to maintain the pH level of the pool. Its is one of the main reasons we insist on weekly pool service.

How to increase the pH level of pool water:

Now, we have understood what is the reason for the lower pH level of the pool and what are the ill effects of lower pH level of the pool. Lets now discuss how to fix this issue.

The solution for too low a pH level is simply to add chemicals that will increase the base nature of the swimming pool. Depending on the current pH level, you need to add a certain amount of pH plus. The chemical which can be used for this purpose is sodium carbonate (soda ash) or sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) which are very basic and household chemicals, The recommended dosing schedule is typically indicated on the packaging.

To measure the correct pH level, you can use a variety of test kits or strips. 

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