How to fix a green pool

The Green water developed in your pool because of the presence of algae in the water, The warm south Florida weather is very favourable for the development of algae in the pool so it’s good to have weekly pool service in South Florida.

Chlorine deficiency is a major reason for algae development. The lesser level of chlorine for even a day, especially in South Florida can give rise to algae outbursts so it’s important to check your chlorine levels frequently to save yourself from nasty surprises.

Before fixing the green pool you should first understand what is the quantity of Algae is present in your pool. The colour of the pool can help you understand the problem in your pool.

Micro Algae Image

Light Green Pool water:

If your pool is light green then it means that your pool has a low level of Algae. For fixing low-level algae you need to shock the pool.


Green or dark green:

If your pool colour is green or dark green then you need to double shock the pool. You can either do it yourself or if you find it difficult or time-consuming then you can contact your local pool expert or opt for weekly pool service.

before after pool images

Black-Green water:

If your pool has turned black or very dark green then you need to contact your local pool expert or have weekly pool services done to your pool.

If your pool is affected by algae or you are looking for pool remodeling in South Florida you can contact us for a free quotation.


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