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Why do we add chlorine to the pool?

Why chlorine is added to the pool is a very common question asked by our clients to our weekly pool service team. Here we are trying to answer some of your doubts regarding the chlorine addition in the pool, If you still have any questions left in mind you can add that in the comment section below this blog.

Chlorine is a very powerful agent that is used to maintain the neutral nature of the pool, without any balancing agent it’s very dangerous to swim in the pool as it can have harmful bacteria like salmonella which can cause diarrhea or E.coli.

According to The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that chlorine is added to water to kill germs. Chlorine and pH are the first lines of defence against germs that can make swimmers sick, according to the CDC.


What is chlorine and how its made?

Chlorine is a naturally occurring mineral and its made by passing huge current through the common salt through a process called electrolysis.

How much chlorine should be added to the pool?

Only the limited amount of chlorine should be added to the pool, The experts should check the pH level of the pool every week and add chlorine to the pool accordingly.


Is redness in eyes are due to overuse of chlorine?

Sometimes when owners don’t hire a weekly pool service company then they started monitoring and adding chlorine tablets by themselves which leads to chlorine imbalance. The redness in the eyes is mostly due to the chlorine deficiency in the pool.


How to remove the smell of chlorine from the pool?

The pool doesn’t smell at all. If the pool is smell then this could be due to excess chlorine, clients often complain about the chlorine smell, but the chlorine doesn’t smell at all, the chlorine forms a chlorine compound known as chloramines which build up in pool water when it is improperly treated.


To keep the pool water healthy is very important, more if you have kids in the house and you wish to spend Sunday afternoons in the pool, The pools should be monitored by professionals. You can contact us for free advice. We at PBC pool provide weekly pool service along with pool remodeling south Florida.

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