How to Select The Best Pool Filter

So now you have made up your mind to install a pool in your backyard and the pool remodeling south florida guys is asking you which filter you wish to install in your pool as the estimation cost will be based on that.

Pool filters are like kidneys for your pool, The chlorine and other agents kills the bacteria but its filters which through them out of your pool and without the filters your pool will grow cloudy and stinky.

The pool filters depend upon the few factors like the cost and particle size, further in the article we will discuss the efficiency in terms of microns. To give you an idea of average human hair size is around 30 micron, the Red Blood cell in your body is of 8 microns.

Sand Filters:

If you are on a tight budget then sand filters will be the best choice for you, As the name suggests it contains sand particles which act as a filter. Sand filter suck the water out of the pool and the bad particles are captured by the filter. In order to wash the sand filter you need to perform backwash.


Cartridge filters:

Better efficient then sand filters are the cartridge filters that can remove particles as small as 10 microns. Cartridge filters are a little more expensive than the sand filter, But unlike the sand filter cartridge filters are easy to clean as it does not require any backwash. You can just simply remove the cartridge and clean it with hose, There are many chemicals that are available in the market that will help to clean your cartridge filters.


Diatomaceous Earth Filters:

The Diatomaceous Earth Filters or simply known as D.E Filters are the most expensive as well as the most effective from both above mentioned filters.

These DE filters works same as sand filters but instead of sand it uses The powder which is made from the crushed fossilized remains of tiny, aquatic organisms called diatoms. The DE filters can capture particles as small as 5 microns. 

Same as in Sand filters the pressure gauge is attached along with DE filters which will indicate when the filters need cleaning. It will be cleaned as the sand filters using the backwashing technique.


Before selecting the best filter you should definitely talk with your pool expert, It’s better to opt in for weekly pool service that will guide you and help you maintain your pool in mint condition.

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