Pool safety is the area where every pool owner should be careful about especially if you have kids at home. According to states from the Florida state government children around 1-3 age makeup to 10% of all deaths related to pool drowning.

These steps you should definitely follow if you are looking for a pool remodeling south Florida, It’s important to have weekly pool service opted as your pool guys will make you aware of all the safety you should opt for.

Swimming pools and spas are great places for family fun. It’s important to ensure everyone follows these simple safety steps to stay safer in and around the water. By following these pool tips effectively as well as using common sense, your backyard pool can be a safe and pleasurable experience for children as well as adults.

1.Learn to Swim

Make sure your family’s swimming skills are up to extinguish by taking a class. Solid swimming skills are a must, but don’t assume you can let your guard down once your kids take lessons. Even big kids shouldn’t swim alone.

The jury is still out on whether early childhood swimming lessons or “swim survival” classes aimed at infants and youngsters necessarily prevent drowning, but research suggests they reduce the chance. But reach supervision is still recommended for little ones, even if they’ve taken classes.

You can never be too careful with the lives of your children, or any children, or anyone who sets foot in or near your pool.

Until they build up their swimming skills, smaller kids can benefit from a little help in the pool. Consider getting them a pair of arm floaties.

2. Use of Non-Slip material

We mostly see that around the pool we use greasy material which is sometimes very risky for adults, children, and elders. This is very important to make a pool with non-slip materials on the pool deck, diving boards, and ladders. As sometimes a toddler may unintentionally fall into a pool due to the slippery surface.

3. Ladders area

The steps of the pool ladder should be at least three inches wide, and the ladder should have baluster (support) on both sides small enough for a child to clasp. There should be a ladder at both ends of the pool. The ladders should not be the plastic ones as they are of no use during the emergency.

4. Licensed electrical equipment

Our team of pool service professionals at work

The smaller pool may seem like a less luxurious investment, but it is actually the opposite. It is the best way to make a pool in less investment. Having a smaller pool is an excellent way of incorporating other elements into your backyard space. An outdoor kitchen or even a backyard swing elements can be added to complete the pool area. 

5. Above-ground pools

Install strapping guard rails around the pool deck. Look for rolled rims on the metal shell to be sure the rims do not present a sharp cutting edge if someone falls. The access ladder to the deck should be strap and without prominent bolts or other sharp edges. The access ladder should swing up to intercept children from unauthorized entry or should be easily removable for secure storage away from the pool area.

6.Pool alarm

It’s necessary to teach children what to do in an emergency. An alarm bell that could assemble help would be a good idea. This type of alarm is partially deluged in the pool and will sound when a certain level of movement in the water is perceived, such as a child falling in.

7.Pool fences

There should be a fence at least four feet high around all sides of the pool with a locked gate to keep children out when there is no supervision and the fence should be constructed so it is difficult to climb. Lawn furniture, trees, and shrubs should not be close enough to provide an easy boost over the fence. They can also help keep brute out of the pool.


We can just conclude that you should definitely follow these steps while having a new pool or you should look for pool remodeling south florida. We at PBC pool provide pool service wellington, pool service Boynton Beach along with pool remodeling.