Overview of PBCPools


Overview of PBCPools:

We are the top weekly pool service provider in South Florida, we also provide pool remodeling south Florida, we are experts in our field and have covered very large as well as small pools.

We have focus on Elements in the pool. Elements such as earth, fire, water, air. We are a dedicated team of experts and here is the overview of our company and results we are deemed to achieve.

Pool Service wellington you can trust:

We have an expert time that will visit within 24 hours of your call, we are expert in providing weekly pool services and never miss a week. Apart from that the pool technicians are very friendly and will answer all of your queries and clear your doubts.

Weekly Pool Service:

From the past few years, we are providing weekly pool service in which we follow not the fixed pool service schedule but the schedule will be based on your pool condition, pool size, area and your requirements, from our last blog  we mentioned why you should have a weekly pool service got an amazing response from our customers.

Pool remodeling south Florida:

If you looking for pool remodeling south Florida look no further as we are the best in the market, As the pool trends change every year you should definitely consider pool remodeling after every 5 years at least, moreover in this south Florida hot real estate market its good to maintain and have a trendy pool that will increase the value of your property. Moreover, the new pool is the safe pool and we follow all guidelines

For indepth read on this topic please check our blog

Pool Service Wellington:

Whether your pool has been mistreated and needs our famous “green-to-clean” service, or you are looking for local service here in Wellington, Florida, we are at your service. Your pool is a serious investment that we treat seriously. Crystal Clear!

Our technicians can fix or install a wide range of pool equipment; heaters, heat pumps, LED lights, salt systems, energy-efficient pumps, and more. Crystal Clear!


It's more than shocking:

Most of the pool experts will perform shocking week after week, but it’s not a fair practice, With us its more than just shocking. Our technicians will monitor the pH level of your pool. Check the filters, pumps, scrub the pool surface and manage the perfect chlorine level that will prevent your pool from turning green.

Green Pool:

Nobody likes to see a green pool, not to mention the stinking smell of green Pool, Our technicians have divided green pool task into 3 versions one with light green pool, other with dark green and third the worst one is the black-green pool. 

The main reason for pool turning green is because of the formation of algae and algae is formed due to chlorine deficiency. If you opt for our weekly pool service than you would never have to see a green pool in your backyard.

before after pool images

If you still have questions then feel free to contact us at We also provide pool remodeling south Florida along with weekly pool service.

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