It is always a good time for pool remodeling south Florida but this before the onset of summer holidays is It’s the best time. You have lots to consider, including affordability, your availability, your contractor’s availability, weather, and more. Well, the answer to this question at least in most cases is the same. Experts agree that the fall and the winter season are the best to remodel your pool, But according to us before the onset of summer is always the best time because the new year comes with the new trends for the pool industry.

Here are the advantages:

Lowest prices:
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The busiest season for the pool remodeling is the summer season, and particularly those in South Florida. So according to that, the service is also expensive in the summer season rather than the offseason. In this time of the year the labor and sources are also less expensive, the reason to remodel your pool at a low cost in the spring season.

Features and Amenities:

The spring season comes with the onset of the summer season with the many amazing new features and amenities released by the company at a much lower cost when the new feature pick uptrend then the service and equipment cost for the same become expensive. This is also the reason here’s to pool remodeling south Florida at that time. Fountains, waterfalls, sun shelf, jets, swim-up bar, infinity edge, and zero-entry, are just a few features that can make your dream oasis a reality.


Weather issues:

This time of the season has the least chances of the storm and no snow, rain to hinder the pool remodeling south Florida process.

Increases cost of goods:

 The suppliers increase with each summer season the annual ‘cost of goods’. For example, before 2009 the prices we paid our fiberglass pool manufacturer for their shells had gone up every summer season. With inflation a likely event year over year, it’s fair to expect the cost of goods to once again shoot up and along with them, swimming pool prices.


 The spring season is always the best time for planting grass and plants around the pool. It will take some time to regrow the grass and vegetation around the pool area because the installation of a swimming pool causes some damage to the yard. This is why it’s typically better to give yourself 1-2 months for proper landscaping and vegetation growth.

PBCPools have many years of experience in this work. So, before you leave, make sure to hassle-free design consultation with Progressive Design Build’s team of pool remodeling South Florida experts and see what we can do to perk up your pool for the winter. We also provide the weekly pool service, pool service Boynton beach, and pool service wellington. Questions? Call us at 561-322-9770.