Pool filters are like the lungs and kidneys for your pool, and many new pool owners don’t know about pool filters. Today in this blog we will discuss different types of pool filters, I know we have covered that already a few months back but this blog goes into depth as we have received many queries regarding the pool filter and their performances. We always recommend to have weekly pool service, If you are looking for a new pool or pool remodeling South Florida then you should definitely go ahead and read the pool filter guide 2020

Here are our best picks for the best pool filter-:


Sand pool filters

sand-pool- filter

A sand filter is the best choice for you especially if you have a small budget, and you want to spend minimal time on maintenance. It’s also best for large pools because it won’t block as easily as other filters. They filter particles that range from 20-40 microns. Sand filters use sand to filter dirt and organisms from your pool water. Once the debris is at capacity or full, the pressure inside the filter increases. The Average Cost for the above-ground is $200-$300 and in-ground is $500-$800.


The cartridge pool filter has been specially designed for above-ground and in-ground. There is no problem with installing your filter by yourself again we always recommend to have weekly pool service . This is mostly used for the larger surface areas of the pool. The cartridge filters are generally inexpensive and efficient. It is also easy to replace and maintain. The problem with the cartridge pool filter is the slow operation, it took a lot of time hence we won’t recommend your cartridge pool filter in case you have a bigger pool. The price of cartridge replacement can be high. Its average price for above- ground filter is $400 and the in-ground filter is $750.

D.E pool filter is another option to clean your pool water neat and clean. It’s relative latest technology use for pool filtering as compared to sand and cartridge pool filters. It helps to reduce the smallest particle from the water as 2 microns. It has the best filtration capacity and the grid can last a few years if it’s properly cared for. But it’s the cost higher for maintenance. Like sand filters, you also need a backwash valve to operate the filter. The D.E pool filters are different from sand pool filters. D.E pool owners have to clean the filter elements regularly. It’s the average cost of the D.E pool filter $490-$1500. 

Each filter has its own advantages and disadvantages and each pool owner has his/her own list of priorities, as well. It’s important to keep your personal pool priorities in mind when choosing your filter. We are PBCPools and we provide weekly pool service, pool service wellington, pool service Boynton beach and pool remodeling South Florida. If you want to know more kindly contact us at 561-322-9770.

NOTE: The cost mentioned above is just a loose estimate and it can warry.