How do I reduce the PH in a swimming pool?

If the Swimming pool pH level goes out of balance then it can create a lot of problems for your pool.

For example, if the pool water becomes acidic then it can lead to corrosion of pool surface, acidic water can damage your equipment and can also lead to skin irritation and itching.

But if the pH level is high then it leads to an increase of alkaline nature of water which can turn water into foamy substance.

What is the pH level of water:

pH level is the indication of acidic or alkaline (base) nature of water, the pH value of water ranging from 1-14, where 1 means very acidic and 14 means very alkyne.

Here following are the few ill effects of higher alkaline nature of pool:

  • Skin and eyes irritation.
  • Clogging of pipes hence damage to filters.
  • Cloudy water
  • Scaling

What is the normal pH level of pool:

A pH rating of 7.2 to 7.6 is termed as ideal for the pool and water is most neutral at this state, if the rating is below this level then the water is acidic if above then it means that the pool is alkaline.

Reasons for how your pool pH level increases:

Pool Shock: Pool Shocking is very important but sometimes in Pool Shocking user can simply add cal-hypo (calcium hypochlorite) this can lead to an increase in pH level of the pool. You should not stop Shocking your pool but you should regularly check the pH level of the pool. You should ask your pool service provider to tell you the proper amount of chemical that should be used.

Improper chemical imbalance:Sometimes when you found that your pool is very acidic then you start treating it with the chemical. In this process, you may increase the use of a chemical which can tilt the pH scale to the other side and without your knowledge you have turned your water to alkaline.


How to reduce the pH level of your pool:

To reduce the pH level of your pool you should treat your pool with chemicals. In the market, those chemicals are known as pH-reducer or pH-minus.

Here are the two chemicals which you can use to lower the pH level of your pool:

Sodium Bisulfate: Sodium Bisulfate also is known as dry acid is the most popular chemical used to reduce the pH level of your pool. You should avoid using this on a windy day.

Sodium Bisulfate is mild than Muriatic acid and it’s much easier to store and use, so it’s much more commonly used. Despite its easy usage, you should be careful while using chemicals.

Muriatic Acid: Muriatic acid is also known as Hydrochloric acid has a lot of commercial usages, it’s used to pickling steel and dissolving rocks.

It’s available in Liquid form and very strong chemical, you should be very careful while using this.

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