How to Select the best Pool Pump

Nobody likes to hear the bad noise of pool pumps running in the background of your backyard and this is probably an indication that you need to invest in a new pool pump. When you head into the shop you will be mesmerised by the types and prices of the pool. We will help you in selecting the best pool pump.

What does a pool pump do?

The pool pump is like the heart for your pool as it pumps the water into the filter without the pool pump the water will stagnant and it starts turning into the green with a stinky smell. 

Types of pool pump:

Since the invention of pool pumps, they have been gone through a tremendous amount of updation and development.

The basic pool pumps can be generally divided into 3 types:

Single-speed pump:

Single Speed pump is the most basic and the most economical of all the three pumps as they operate on a single speed. The speed is based on the horsepower of the motor.

If you have a large pool and the pump speed is slow then it won’t work as ideally the pool filter should be able to clean whole pool water within 24 hours and if the pump is slow then it won’t be effective. If you have a single-speed pump then its highly recommended to upgrade your pool pump to dual speed pump.

One important thing to take notice while going with a single speed pump is the state of Arizona and California have prohibited the installation of single speed pumps.

Dual speed pump:

As the name suggests the dual-speed pumps has two-speed modes one is high speed and the other is low-speed mode, the high-speed mode of dual speed pump equates to the speed of single-speed pump.

The low-speed mode of the dual speed pump is very energy efficient and will work at low noise but you need to consider the size of the pool before investing in dual speed pump.

Variable speed pumps:

These are the most expensive and efficient of all the three. Variable speed pumps have the variable speed due to the magnetic motors that use the same principle as of electrical vehicles.

Variable speed pumps due to its modern architecture consume less power and turn water more quickly than the other two. They also run at lower RPM (Rotation per Minute) so they are quieter then both single and dual-speed pumps.

NOTE: Before choosing the pump you should be aware of the filters and the pipe fitting you are using because you don’t want a pump with higher horsepower if your filter is two small or pipes used are small as it can harm the filter as well as damage the pipes. For example, if you have a 3-inch pipe installed then its recommended to use a pump with the horsepower of 3. 

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