How to Sanitize your pool in 2020:

Sanitization is probably the most used word in 2020 and everything needs to be sanitized properly in this pandemic situation. We all have started hating the smell of chemicals from sanitizers to chlorine in the water. This situation has also taught us a lesson of using more efficient ways to clean the pool water without using much of the chemicals. Moreover, with more exposure to chemicals, people are having red eyes and skin rashes from the high chlorine water

Here are the two methods to sanitize your pool in 2020.

Salt Chlorine Generator:

Let’s go in-depth on the history and usage of chlorine. All the pool owners are aware of the chlorine usage and its side effect along with the foul chlorine smell of pool water. With Salt chlorine generator pool owners can lower the usage of chlorine along with other chemicals so you have a soft water pool along with less chlorine and fewer chemicals.

The Sodium Chloride ie NACL is so safe that it’s present in our dining table to sprinkle on our food, but the chlorine in the form of gas is very potent. Thus efficiently we can use Sodium Chloride in our pool which does not pose any danger to the swimmer and hence a much better option. You may be wondering that the ocean water is salty and not the pool water and it’s not comfortable to swim in salty ocean water. The ocean salinity is around 35000 particles per million and with salt chlorine generator technique the salinity will be less than one-tenth of that of ocean water so you may not even notice that.

How it works:

Its working is very simple and as simple as how you get your salt for cooking. The salt manufacturers use a method known as electrolysis that safely removes the harmful effect of chlorine and delivers safe chlorine of your nearby pool shop. A salt chlorine generator works with the same principle but on a very small scale. You can place a salt chlorine generator with your pool filter system and it will automatically manage the chlorine level of your pool by providing the optimal chlorine directly to the pool water, You just need to add salt to the pool water hence save a lot of investment in chlorine and other chemicals.


Another method to sanitize your pool water with the least usage of chemical and saltwater is by using Ozonator, You may have heard of Ozone (O3) gas which is present in the outer part of our atmosphere. It has very amazing cleaning properties and also safe our environment from the harmful UV radiation.

With an Ozonator, you’re constantly oxidizing your pool by filtering water with ozone. The ozone reacts with chlorine present in the pool water (regardless of which chlorination method that you use) The ozone reacts with chlorine and creates more free chlorine and reduce the number of chloramines and byproducts of chlorine hence it reduces the amount of chlorine present in the pool water thus remove the bad chlorine smell.

How to setup Ozonator and salt chlorine Generator:

It’s very easy and simple, both will go along with your pool filtration system just make sure you have free enough space and place to fix the pipes for the same. If you need any assistance or need to discuss your requirements you can contact us.
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