Learn why pool maintenance for a new pool is critical during the first two weeks

In our previous blogs, we have given you the information why weekly pool service is a must for your pool but some clients think that they don’t need to opt for any weekly pool service on a new pool, this is far from the fact.

New pool owners should opt-in for weekly pool services as first 28 days are very critical and in the pool industry, this period is known as fire up the stage.


In the first couple of weeks we provide chemical treatment to pool to balance out the pH level of the pool, we add chemical so that suspended metal particles settle on the base of the pool to prevent staining and we add chlorine to kill any bacteria present in pool water.


In the next 4-6 weeks, we add various balancing chemicals in the pool. In this period we do a lot of chemicals and water testing. First, 30 days also include strict brushing and washing services more frequently than normal weeks. After 4-6 weeks of a new pool or pool remodeling, normal routine work is required.

before after pool images

While the new plaster hydrates underwater, loses plaster dust or “cream” naturally forms on the surface and must be vigorously brushed off to prevent scaling and staining. The pool finish manufacturer and the National Plasters Council and PBC Pool services all recommend this aggressive brushing be done daily or at a minimum every other day to achieve optimum results, while also enhancing the beauty of your new pool finish.

If you are looking to have a weekly pool service or in need of pool remodeling in South Florida, you can contact us and we will provide you free quotation for your pool.

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