In these busy lives, people have no time to maintain your pool by themselves so most people give the preference to professional maintenance for the weekly pool service. PBC Pools provides the best swimming pool remodeling South Florida, along with weekly pool service, pool service Boynton Beach and pool service Wellington. They have many years of experience in this field but if you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person and have a lot of time in your hand then read on to find out how to keep your pool maintained by yourself.

 The basic parts of the swimming pool as you know as well you can add advanced features like heating and lighting, install high-tech pool covers, and even enjoy music while you swim with underwater pool speakers. Every pool has four components that need regular care to keep the good times rollin’. 

It’s a very simple way to follow these steps —-to maintain your swimming pool -:

Whether the pool is in use or not you should keep the pool water clean from all the fallen branches or leaves that settle on the pool surface as they can damage the pool filtration system and can cost you dearly.

Perfectly Maintained Swimming Pool From Weekly Pool Maintenance


Your pool inner walls liner are in constant contact with pool water So you should make sure to inspect for any faults on the inner pool surface so as to make sure no molds or algae starts infecting the surface.


Pool filters are like the lungs and kidneys for your pool, and many new pool owners don’t know about pool filters. The pool pump is also used for circulating water. Both protect your pool from harm. Without pool filtering your pool will soon be a cloudy, polluted, and unswimmable mess. You should do a backwater mechanism in your pool to keep the pool filters healthy and functional. For that you need to first find out which pool filter  you are using.


For checking the water chemistry to use the water kit. Use Chlorine: 2.0–3.0 ppm in your pool water. Chlorine isn’t the only thing your pool needs to stay clean and clear. You should also maintain

Total alkalinity: 80–120 ppm, pH: 7.2–7.8, Calcium hardness: 100–300 ppm fiberglass / 200-400 for vinyl and concrete, Stabilizer (cyanuric acid): 20–50 ppm. They all affect each other, so follow that specific order when you test and modify the water. The right amount of chlorine is very important. Anything higher or lower can damage your pool and can create health hazards for your and your family.


Pool safety is also important when you think about maintaining a pool on your own. The first thing in this you should install a pool alarm to alert when children go near the water. Keep your pool cover in good shape, if you notice their defects, repair if possible otherwise buy a new one. Keep children away from pool drains, pipes and other opening equipment. It’s important to make a pool with non-slip material on the pool deck, diving boards, and ladders. Pool fences are also a better option for pool safety. You ensure that the pool fence should be four feet high around all sides.

Once you understand the things that your pool needs, you might find yourself taking pride in your pool care skills. For more information, you can also contact us at 561-322-9770