We always insist that you should always go with weekly pool service as it’s very important to keep your pool neat and clean because the pool can lead to the foul smell of the pool, bad odour and in some cases can lead to health issues like the spread of water-borne diseases. But if you are stuck on the fact that you don’t want pool maintenance and you can maintain pool by yourself then you should totally avoid these few mistakes that mostly pool owner make:

Not Brushing:

If you are using a pool filter and pool vacuum regularly and thinking that you didn’t need to brush the pool then you are wrong, you can’t avoid pool brushing just like you can’t avoid brushing your teeth.

With no brushing, bad bacteria and algae can stick on the pool walls and lead to further problems. You should brush at least once every week or whenever it’s required.

No Regular pH check:

You need to check the pH level of your pool on a weekly basis because a slight increase or decrease in the pH level creates a cause of concern for you and your family health. It can lead to redness of eyes, skin rashes, cloudy pool water and creations of germs.

Backwashing your pool:

Now with those first two points, you came to know two things that you do very often but there are some things that you DONT need to do very often and our clients mostly do that is backwashing your filter. Backwashing is probably the easiest way you can clean your pool as it’s just a press of a button but you should not do it very often as it can damage your filter life and lead to increase in expenses.

Usually after backwashing your pool filter pressure should read between 10-15 pounds per square inch (psi) which is very normal and best for the optimal working of the pool but if pool pressure exceeds to 20-25 psi then only you should consider backwashing your pool.

Running time for pool filters:

Pool filters are like kidneys for your pool as they clean your pool and save it from getting infected with impurities and debris. But how long should you run your pool? Well, it depends upon your pool size and you should definitely consult some pool expert on how long you should run pool filters, generally you should run your filters for at least 8 hours every day.