Fire up stage of the pool is the first 28-30 days of the pool for a newly constructed pool or for a pool that has been remodeled completely. To give you a good idea let’s dive deep in pool maintenance. With our contract with weekly pool service we first add a sequestering agent chemical to suspend metal particles to avoid any straining on pool tiles, then we immediately add a little chlorine to kill any bacteria or unwanted pathogens.

In the course of next few days, we add chlorine and other balancing chemicals to the pool, and with the newly formed pool there is some issue with the plaster at the pool surface, at first, the plaster came in contact with water and begins to rub off, Our expert team at PBC pools suggests to clean & rub the pool surface after every other day for the optimum pool performance.

After the 28 days of rigorous pool maintenance and pool treatment, the fire up period is over that means that most critical time is over and your pool is healthy.

This fire up stage is very important and you should always go with the best pool service providers in your area and if you are looking for pool service in Boynton Beach or Pool service in Wellington then you should consider PBCPools.