As we know that the summer season is coming, Summer season is the best time to enjoy the swimming pool especially if you live in South Florida. It’s also the right time to opt for pool remodeling south Florida. Its good to have weekly pool service to maintain the pool but if you looking to maintain your pool by yourself then kindly go ahead and read the blog for the steps you should take to prepare your pool for the summer season:

  • Don’t empty your pool

Firstly you should never empty your pool in the other season especially if you live in a cold climate unless you have no option to cover your pool with the pool cover which is always the best option. Reason for not emptying the pool is there are too many leaves at the bottom of the pool which can cause corrosion. That the reason draining the pool can bring big problems. Most of the pool owners aren’t aware of this type of problem.

  • Clean it

To keep your pool clean and healthy. You should remove the surface of your pool every few days to remove bugs, leaves, and debris. You should also brush the walls and tiles to remove algae. Regularly check the water level of your pool and maintain the level of pool chemicals. By chemicals, we mean to check the acidic and Alkaline level of the pool. Also put the filtration system together, clean out all the baskets, remove any plugs that you put in when the pool closed last year. For now, leave the cover on the pool while you’re working on it.

  • Chemicals balance in your pool

 After filtration next step to balance your chemicals in the swimming pool. It is the most important part of pool maintenance. The pH level generally keeps it in between 7.2 to 7.4 on the low end.

The pH level will be consistent if the level of alkalinity is accurate. Its level keeps in between 80 to 120 ppm. If your pool is acidic then you should add Sodium Bicarbonate to increase alkalinity and decrease muriatic acid. Appropriate levels of calcium hardness help prevent plaster damage. So, Calcium hardness should be between 250 to 450. The most important part to maintain your pool is chlorine. Chlorine helps to remove all germs and bacteria in your pool water. It should be in between 1ppm to 3ppm. So these steps balance your chemicals in the swimming pool. You can read more about maintaining a proper level of the pool here.

  • Chemicals balance in your Schedule weekly pool service whether you think you need or not

Sometimes you need to believe in the experts of the swimming pool. So, you should schedule a weekly pool service for better maintenance. PBC pool also provides the pool remodeling South Florida, pool service wellington, pool service Boynton beach and weekly pool service. Our technicians are knowledgeable, professional and detail-oriented to leave your pool sparkling. You can also contact us at 561-322-9770.